How to present a seminar

How to present a seminar

Many people can present a seminar but only few people can present a good seminar. Today you are going to learn how to present a good seminar . It is one of the most important skills . It can make us leader and influecer . How we present our thoughts before mass, It depends on following things:

No 1. Take a good topic

No2. Planning

No3. Preparation

No 4. Practice

No 5. Presenting fully

No 6. Positivity



  1. Put a good topic is first step towards presenting a good seminar. If you choose a topic which is relevant to your audience . It means you have completed your half way of success . When you choose your topic you should think about your audience . What will they get in this topic what you choose. Don’t think in your prospective , think in your audience’s prospective. Understand the topic properly. If you don’t understand then it is sure you will not be able to present it . So choose your topic consciously. How to present a seminar
  2. Planning is the second and one of the most important thing in your success journey . When your choose your topic , you should make a road map . How will you tell , What will you tell , What do you expect . If you have clarity about what you are going to speak . You can make necessary reforms, which will help you to be accurate. Then think about how will you make understand your audience. And what do you expect  from your audience , according your goal , convey your message. It will make you accurate .
  3. Preparation plays very important role in your success . For example, if you are going for a battle but you don’t have any weapon . Winning is a far fetched thing , you can’t even think about winning the battle. So, preparation is your weapon , which will make you hero of the battle . The question is how will you prepare . Research gives you knowledge. Reading books is also a good source of your preparation. Read related books .
  4. Practice gives you accuracy . 8-10 times practice is needed before presenting the speech . You can practice before your family members and in front of mirror. Never avoid practice if you don’t practice , people will not forgive you because you are taking their time. Practice to speak loudly and clearly.
  5. Presenting fully means ,give full effort in your presentation. Dedicate yourself to your presentation , it will be fruitful . When you will speak , it doesn’t mean only your mouth speaks . It means your entire body should speak, your hands , your eyes , your ears. If you can do this nothing can stop you , you will get 100% success. How to present a seminar
  6. Positivity means you are hopeful to be successful . Think that people will listen you carefully , they will like you , they will consider you , they will understand you and they will accept you . Positivity plays very important role in your presentation . For example …….there is a man who are going to present a seminar and he is thinking about failure. He can imagine that he is going to be rejected . People are not considering him. On the stage he will feel nervousness, he will have lack of confidence. He can’t be a successful speaker. On the contrary the man who thinks about success. He will relax , he is hopeful . He can imagine that he is to be accepted . He is celebrating his success. He will be successful . So, be positive.

Actors have a chance to perform again but a presenter doesn’t have second chance. You have to give one hundred percent at the stage in first attempt.

Full of energy , before going to stage make sure you should have full of energy . Reach before time . Don’t stand at one place , you have to move around during speech. It will help you to know your audience. And it gives you confidence.  If you want to have more knowledge about presentation , read , Dale Carnegie’s book HOW TO DEVELOP SELF CONFIDENCE AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE BY PUBLIC SPEAKING, BUY NOW ON AMAZON                                                               To read my all article Click Here

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