Most influential people in the world.

                                                      Most influential people in the world.

No 1. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur: Banda Singh Bahadur was born in 27th of October 1670 at Rajouri in Jammu. He was the founder of khalsa raj( Sikh empire). In 1710 he established the sikh empire and beat the mughals. He set the examples of righteousness. He was a great sikh leader after Guru Gobind Singh. He gave to poor their rights which was next to impossible in those days. Landlords did not pay the labors wages , and they have to work hard day and night in the fields without wages.

Banda singh bahadur was the first who made them able to  get their rights. His army was mostly labor class but they were honest , spiritual and they used to follow the way of Guru Nanak Sahib’s and Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s . Banda Singh Bahadur shook the roots of the mughal empire. All the people were happy with Banda singh and they would follow him. He was one of the greatest leaders.

Maharaja Ranjit singh

No 2. Maharaja Ranjit Singh: Maharaja Ranjit singh was born on 13th  of  November 1780 at Gujaranwala in old Punjab (now in Pakistan) He was also one of the greatest sikh emperor . He ruled during 1799 to 1839 . The interesting thing was that in his empire majority of the people were Hindus and Muslims . He was a wise and kind ruler because the history says that in his empire there was no death sentence. He believed in Sikhism along with he would respect all the  religions. He was very kind for his people , never before had anyone ruled like him.

No 3. Hari Singh Nalva:  Hari Singh Nalva was born in 1791 at Gujaranwala . He was an army journal of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Hari singh Nalva was a history maker he beat Afghanistan which was unbeaten for centuries and till now except Hari Singh Nalva no other journal could beat the Afghanistan. He was a man of character during his life he was unbeaten. No doubt Afghanistan’s Pathans were very brave even US could not beat them with modern weapons. There is a story of his life , he was renowned among Afghans . They had a fear of his name, a bold lady Noor Bano Begum was engaged a brave young pathan boy he was also renowned among Afghans that he was one of the bravest   persons . Once he was walking with his betrothed and suddenly he heard the name of Nalva then he tried to hide.

But Noor Bano asked him that you are one of the bravest men , why are you afraid. He replied oh madam!  Don’t   you  know   about Hari Singh , he is braver than me. She replied, I was told that you are the bravest man but sorry, I can’t marry you , she refused . Then she went to Hari Singh Nalva and met him. She offered to marry Hari Singh and said I want to have son like you . Hari Singh replied , oh Noor Bano there can’t be a son like me and he accepted her as his mother . That was his character.

No 4. Swami Vivekananda: Swami Vivekananda was a great reader and he was a focus minded person. He was born on 12th January 1863 in Bengal India. He was renowned scholar. He used to read a book daily. He was an influencer speaker. You might have heard about his speech which was delivered in Chicago US.

No 5. Bhagat Puran Singh : Bhagat Puran Singh was born on 4th June 1904 at Ludhiana Punjab. He was a great servant of humanity. The people who had no food to eat he provided. The people who had no shelter , he provided without any coast and without any differentiate. He had a rickshaw, when he would find a helpless person then he took him in his rickshaw and got him into his home . He helped so many people during his life . Where he used to liv , there is a pingalwara ( place where handicapped people are treated) in Amritsar . Once, he was going somewhere and he saw a ditch in a road he stopped. He did not leave the place until ditch was filled.

No 6. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam:  Dr. Kalam was born on 15th October 1931 at Rameshwaram India. He was the former president of India and a great scientist . He made missiles. He was a fond of teaching till his last breath he dedicated his life to students.  His father was a boat sailor , he couldn’t arrange his college fees but Kalam’s sister pledged her jewelry for paying his college fee.  Due to financial problem he had to sell news paper and then he would go to school. He worked hard . I would like to tell you a very interesting story of his life . His parents set a date for his engagement but he was busy in a scientific research so he could not reach there. Few years later he told that story and he remained single all his life, never married.

No 7. Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln was born on 12th Feb 1802 in US. He was from very poor family back ground . He couldn’t even buy books to read because of financial problem. In his early childhood days his parents had to leave their house. When he was 9 years old his mother was died. He used to borrow the books from his friend but he couldn’t get proper education from school or college, due to financial problem.  He studied himself when he would work on a shop. In leisure time he would read books then he became a postman & lawyer. Soon after he decided to fight in elections but he failed. His girlfriend was died with a critical illness everything was against him.

1842 he got married and he had four children but only one survived in four of them. Finally in 1860 he became 16 president of US.  The story tells us that under no circumstances should we give up.

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