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                       Our personality is what we are and what we think about ourselves. Mostly we think that personality development  is all about our dressing sense but it is a wrong assumption , personality means mindset , life style and things we do repeatedly  . Today we are going to learn how to make influential personality .     

          Personality development

  • Positive mindset

The positive mindset is an important factor to develop your personality and in your success journey.

  1. It maintains your self- esteem . You are the master of your thoughts, welcome the positivity and inspiration , throw out the unnecessary and useless thoughts .

If you have an optimistic mindset it can be seen in your body language . There are no benefits of a pessimistic mindset, we should leave it as soon as possible . If you are an optimistic person you can think of a winning strategy & required solutions.

There are challenges at every step of life , no matter you are a businessman , student , employee or employer . Either you can waste your time in worrying or you can accept the challenges with courage and move on with the help of the right mindset .

Mostly successful people have harnessing drive in them.  They are the examples of determination and this comes from the positive mindset. It helps them  to achieve their goals.


. Your personality is a reflection of your mindset. Never give up. As an example , if you like dancing but if you feel  shy , you  will always be conscious of the dance floor. It can’t be a mental block if you practice continuously .

You should always say “ I can do.”

Positive mindset can be defined through following example :

  • There were two friends Stuart and Tony were going for an interview . Stuart had a negative mindset but Tony had positive attitude.
  • Stuart had a low confidence level and he kept thinking  about failure due to his negative attitude . The day he was to face interview , he woke up late in the morning , he did not take shower , his dress was not clean & he went for the interview without any preparation . Now, he was nervous by looking other candidates and he became more nervous , his mindset moved in a negative direction . So , he did not give the interview properly. Also, his presentation was not very good so he believed about his rejection.
  • On the other hand, Tony had a positive attitude, he was confident . He prepared for interview, he rehearsed interview questions & his dress was clean on interview day . His interview was good,  Now selection or rejection was the next level but Tony gave his 100% .
  • The difference between Stuart and Tony was in terms of attitude.  Stuart did not perform well  due to his negative attitude but Tony worked on himself & he was positive on the interview day.
  • So , positive attitude provides a magical success .We should do the following things to become positive . They will work gradually but we should start doing these things:-
  • Keep distance from negative people
  • Use positive words
  • Try to find a solution
  • Positive thinking
  • Face challenges as opportunities
  • Leave your comfort zone

We have to leave our comfort zone otherwise we might not be able to handle new things.

For an example , There was a king he had two falcons, one of them was very fast and hunter while the other was just sitting on a branch of a tree and he could neither fly well nor hunt. The king called a doctor to treat him one day. The doctor cut the branch on which he used to sit. Suddenly the king saw that the falcon began to fly high in the sky and also began to hunt. That branch was his comfort zone that was the barrier .

When we leave comfort zone we will be:-

  • More productive
  • We will feel new energy
  • Easier to deal with change
  • We will be able to learn new skills
  • Efforts with consistency

  Always keep in mind that Efforts +Consistency =Success .

When we do continuous efforts,  success will be achieved. For  an example , Mr. Warren Buffet is an investor and business tycoon. He is famous for his discipline and he spends hours reading financial statements of his investments. There is no lack of effort.

We should keep in mind :-

  • Try to continuous improvement : Focus on small improvements. Think about 1% change  daily , don’t try to jump of 100% otherwise you will not be able to improve . This 1% ,1.5%, 2% and so on, and then you will achieve 100% . Also, this improvement will permanently retain you because you worked step by step towards it . It will become a part of your life . So , improvement might be small but the benefit is large. You might have heard that  the  small things make big difference.
  • Set a target : set a direction & move in that direction . If you need new skills , focus on them.


  • Open your mind & Replace failure by learning

Always remember that it is not bad to fail but if you don’t try it is really bad  because no one wants to fail .  We are taught that failure is a bad thing but we are not explained that failure allows becoming better & working more hard.

For example,  no one succeed for the first time and things don’t become perfect for the first time . So , learn from failure and try again.

You should not fear failure instead of fear when you are not trying because the experience is the best teacher for you .

You should work on your mindset and give it the right direction that is positive & productive. If you promote such a mindset, you have mastered a big aspect of personality development.


  • Constructive mindset vs. fixed mindset
  • Constructive mindset shows that you are ready for learning that will help to develop your personality also , and it makes you able to learn new skills & habits .
  • On the other hand, people with a fixed mindset are not interested to develop a new skill or habit where they want to change .
  • Most of the people don’t apply for a new job even because they feel that they are not suitable for the job even if their skills match those jobs. They have already assumed about the reason & result, so they have left no scope for trial . The problem is, they underestimates themselves .


On the other hand , an example of a constructive mindset.

As an example , if Cristiano Ronaldo thought of quitting the football due to struggle or poverty , he might have not witnessed the historical victories in football matches . His focus was on his growth so despite being a top player he practices hard & learns new techniques to overcome his problems.  Just because of constructive mindset , he maintains his performance “ Cristiano Ronaldo”.

Always remember :

  1. Perform better than yesterday
  2. Open to constructive criticism
  3. Be prepared to face new challenges


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