The Books You Must Read

The books you must read.

No 1 .

Biographies: Biographies of the great people who have achieved what they wanted, it is necessary to read because you will know the way which is used by successful people & it will be inspiration for you. It will help you to choose your way wisely, their struggles will teach you that there is no shortcut for success.

You have to do what they did. If  you are a businessman, you should read the biographies of Bill Gates the founder of micro soft, Jeff Bezos the founder & CEO of amazon the world’s richest person & Elon Musk the founder & CEO of tesla motors he is also one of the richest persons of the world. Their biographies will help you to be a great businessman. If you are a student, you should read the biography of Swami Vivekananda his biography will teach you to concentrate your mind on your study, likewise you can read the biography of Dr. Abdul kalam and Albert Einstein their biographies will inspire you to read books and to invent new things. click her to read my all article


No 2.

Spiritual books: Spiritual books will teach you that how to live life during struggle days because spirituality is a power to build character  without character you can’t be a successful person & you can’t tackle problems. It is a foundation of peace which contributes a lot in your success . It makes your life smooth because a peaceful mind can find all solutions in any kind of difficult situation. So, spiritual books are most important to stable your mind. When your mind is peaceful then you become more productive and active. No matter in which religion you believe but you must read spiritual books.

No 3.

Business books: Business related books will make your mind business oriented. Today in this world most of the people want to run a business but they have to do a job because they don’t have a business oriented mind. If you want to make your mind business oriented, you must read books like Think and grow rich, Rich dad poor dad, The richest man in Babylon and so on. If you want to be an investor, you must read Mr. Warren Buffet’s biography and other books related to investment. These kind of books create a mindset to think about business when you start to think about business then your mind starts finding new ways.  So, if you want to become a businessman you have to read.

No 4.

Story books: Story books are very useful for beginners because they generate your interest in reading. Story books are very interesting and they make you fond of reading. They provide you the stories which can turn your life towards creativity.  You will get pleasure in story books. In fact, story books are important for children & students because this is a good way to stay happy and engaged with books. So, you should read these kinds of books to generate your interest and be engaged with books.

No 5.

Novels:  Novels are also interesting because they make you able to imagine things in a different way. The power of imagination is very important skill by which you can become a writer. Imagination makes sharpen your mind and it is developed by novels but you have to choose good novels. The person who can imagine well, he can become a good content writer and an author as well. If a beginner reads a novel, his dullness will be removed and he will be able to read and imagine.

 No 6.

History books: You must read history of the world , history of your country, history of your religion or of a specific region. History has some hidden magic which can awake your mind from a deep sleep and your life can be changed. You will see some great leaders in history who did not give up in any circumstances . You will see the great examples of bravery in your history no matter you live in India or in America and Africa, everywhere you will see it but the condition is that you have to read your history and you  will be inspired. You will find many other magical things in your history. So, you should read history books.

No 7.

Geography books: There is variety in this world which can be seen in geography. You can see the beauty of the world in geography books, some people are fond of traveling and they like to travel anywhere but they can’t travel throughout the world but the person who is fond of reading he can travel in whole world by reading books. There is lot of variations in the world, we can understand whole world by books. This is amazing. There are different cultures , different languages, different atmospheres. That’s why you should read geography books.

No 8.

Books related to your passion: This is very important to read these kinds of book, they will full fill your dreams. Every man has a different passion, some people are passionate of acting , some are passionate of comedy, some are passionate of computer, some are passionate of teaching and so on. You have to identify your passion and start to become a master in that specific field . It will give you success and you will be unique. Follow your passion and read about your passion as much as you can, the more you will read the more you will be accurate.


No 9.

Curriculum books: If you are a student then it is mandatory to read your curriculum books because it is your duty. You can read any book but which is your priority it should be your first priority. Every student should take it seriously. Don’t quit it under any circumstances.

If you want to be a successful person, read read & read.

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