Time Management

  Time management

If you want to manage your time then you have to identify the time wasters . And avoid the time wasters . Time is money if you waste your time it means you waste your money .

If you love your life then wasting time is the biggest sin . So save your time and be more productive. Let’s see the time wasters :

  Time management

No 1. Our mobile phone is one of the biggest time waster, when we use it for unproductive activities . Internet surfing for hours without any important use it wastes our time. We do it daily , like an important task and we say oh! I don’t have time , I am busy.

No 2. Unnecessary whatsapp messages waste our time . When we eat we check whatsapp messages . When we attend important meetings we check messages. We don’t care our time , which is most precious God gift . We should fixe time for whatsapp messages and avoid checking regularly.

No 3. Social media means face book instagram and youtube so on . Some people waste lot of time to check face book daily , they use it like a task . They keep checking likes comments , if they have nothing to check then they check their profile photo . Sometimes  they keep watching their photos .  No doubt face book , instagram and youtube are very useful to us but only when we use it to enhance our productivity . We can use the above social media platforms for digital marketing.  So , they are useful for us as well .  TO READ MY ALL ARTICLE CLICK HERE


  Time management No 4. Procrastination is also one of the biggest time waster. When we delay the important task it becomes  urgent and then we have to do it in hurry . Usually , when we do any task in hurry it goes wrong . And we have to do it again , it consumes our time . So , don’t procrastinate do it now , tomorrow never comes .

No 5. Multi tasking wastes our time but we think that  we are very intelligent , we can two or three tasks at one time . It is illusion to do so many tasks at one time . For example when we are watching T.V along with we are reading a book , imagine can you do the both things at the same time , the answer in definitely not . It is a wastage of time . Neither we can watch T.V nor we can read book carefully . We should make a habit to do one thing at one time, it will gave us more productivity . So , don’t do multi tasks at one time.

  Time management

No 6. So many meetings also waste our time. The people who attend so many meetings daily or regularly they don’t focus on meeting . Usually , they chat on whatsapp or face book . When people attend so many meetings regularly they don’t take it seriously .  Sometime they sleep meetings like this . So you should attend necessary meetings not so many.   Time management

No 7. Not being organized wastes a lots of time . The people who have achieved something in their lives, they are organized . It is a key to success because who are organized they can complete their target on the time . But the people who are not organized they never achieve their targets .  Unorganized life is like garbage there is no order . So , don’t be a garbage , be organized .

No 8. Not using technology , in the modern time technology is very useful for us. Not using technology wastes our time , sometimes people think that they can do work manually . We know that we can’t do any work as fast as computer do . So , we should not avoid the use of technology .

No 9. Interruptions are also wastage of time , sometimes we have to attend unnecessary phone calls . Sometimes we have to meet attend guests . They are interruptions and they waste our time , when we are busy in an important task . So, don’t attend unnecessary call and give a little time to unwanted guests. Because our time is most important thing what we have .

No 10. Gossiping is very common thing in our society and wastes a big part of our time. The interesting thing is that mostly during gossiping we do repeat same things again and again . Unstoppable, gossiping ruins our time and we take a keen interest in this . So, we have to understand , we have limited time. We should utilize it and be a successful  person.

Use your time like money not spend it , invest it.


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